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Charges for Room Hire


  1. The Function Room and other rooms at the club provide excellent entertainment and business spaces for our members; the rooms are normally held available for use in support of club events, which take priority, but they are also available for private use in accordance with this notice.  The prices are extremely competitive when compared to high street prices and offer superb facilities for private functions. 

  2. This notice is only applicable to private function charges and does not include club sponsored functions and other functions that the committee may decide are considered members events.  The committee also reserves the right to offer variations to these charges where it is deemed appropriate and in the best interests of the club.  Events such as large celebrations, including weddings, sponsored events etc may incur additional costs and therefore increased charges. All booking charges will be discussed upfront and the charge agreed within 1 week of application and often more quickly.

  3. The club will accept applications for the use of the rooms from applicants who do not currently hold membership of the club.  Each applicant will be required to apply for membership (single member status) of the club to be compliant with our Club Rules and Licensing regulations.  The application process is the same as for other applicants except that the proposer and seconder will be officers of the club unless the applicant provides suitable members details at the time of booking.  In the unlikely event that membership is refused the applicant will be informed, any booking canceled, and deposits returned. The club can process applications within 2-5 days of application and often more quickly.

  4.   (a)  Scale of Hire Charges during normal opening hours:     


12:00 to 14:30

Skittle Alley

Front Bar (Under 30 Guests)

Front Bar - (Over 30 Guests)

Meeting Rooms (Per Sessions)

The Carter Function Hall

19:00 to 23:00




As Function Hall

As Function Hall




£1 per head (Minimum £10)

£1 per head (Minimum £10)

(b)    In addition to the above, hours outside normal opening times will incur charges of £15 per hour under 40 persons and £25 per hour over 40 persons; applied in half-hour periods. This is to cover additional staff and overheads.

(c) At the discretion of the Club, small groups may be charged at £1 per head but will also attract the above out of hours charges where applicable.

(d) Bar prices applicable to the private use of the rooms are displayed at the club and will be further explained as required at the time of booking

  1. A list of guests must be handed to a Club staff member prior to the function.

  2. No external advertising or newspaper article for any function taking place at the Club.

  3. Extensions are available until 0100, please note that the above out of hours charges will be applied as applicable.

  4. A maximum number of guests allowed in Function Hall is 80 but the Front Bar can be hired at the same time to accommodate larger parties.

  5. A firm booking will not be made until the completion of the attached form plus a minimum of 50% deposit.

  6. The kitchen is a private enterprise and cannot be used by members or their guests for preparation of food etc.

  7. The function hall may be decorated by the hirer, but the Building Fabric must not be damaged by decorations. Any and All damage is chargeable.

  8. No naked flames will be allowed. i.e. candles

  9. Children must be supervised at all times, including the garden. They are not permitted into the members' bar.

  10. Smoking is only allowed in the garden shelter.  It is not permitted anywhere in the Club building or in the entrances to the building.

  11. Electrical equipment (i.e. Disco etc.) not belonging to the Club may be used if it carries a current safety label, and then only with the permission of the Club Manager.

  12. In the event of an accident, the Club Manager must be informed immediately.

  13. Fire Exits must be kept clear at all times

The Club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property on the Club premises.

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