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A large Edwardian Building situated in the High Street of Evesham, the photograph above was originally a postcard signed by the artist dated 30th November 1964.

The Deeds of the property state that the lease for the surrounding Land, Buildings and Stables called St Ecgwins were sold to Espley Builders in 1880 and we believe the property was built between 1901 and 1910 during Edward VII reign.

On 13th September 1941 the Freehold was purchased by British Broadcasting Corporation and opened in 1943 as BBC (Evesham) Social Club for the staff and students. It was then decided that the BBC did not require the property and sold the building and land to all The Members. It carried on trading for a number of years as BBC but in 2007 the Club changed its name to Ecgwins Private Members Club to honour the saint who founded the Abbey in Evesham in 701AD.

We hold different club functions throughout the year and have an in-house caterer that provides lunchtime meals, buffets and set menus. Please browse our website for more details.

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